Doptor HR Pro V1 - $300.00 USD

  • HRMS, Online Human Resources Management System, Customize HR System.
  • HRMS, Online Human Resources Management System, Customize HR System.
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  • Doptor Human Resource Management System (HR Pro)

    This module should take care of the entire HR practices of an organization like

    Recruitment process, Employee personal & professional details, Employee appraisal,

    Payroll process, Salary slip generation, Loan and Conveyance etc, besides taking

    care of the documentation involved in Appointment letters, Creation of masters,

    Management of increments and other allowances like Arrears, calculation of

    supplementary bills, Advances taken against salary, etc. pertaining to the employees.

    The recruitment process should cover the entire cycle starting from the initiation process

    of the recruitment i.e. issue of the advertisement, receipt of the applications, person’s

    interview, interview result and the joining dates etc.



    • Demographic Details

    • Family & Emergency contacts

    • Education

    • Qualification

    • Past employment history

    • Employment Status

    • Job description

    • ACP Report

    • Detailed Service Book

    • Dynamic Search on Various Parameters

    • Customized MIS Reports

    • Staff Quarters

    • Ad-hoe Employment management

    • Pay Fixation

    • Employee Details linked with portal



    • Employee Profile.

    • Promotion & Transfer Details

    • User defined Salary Heads.

    • Head Formula Creation

    • Professional Tax Slab

    • Dynamic Salary Structure

    • Loan & Advance Transactions

    • Insurance Transaction

    • Increment

    • Attendance Process

    • Attendance Adjustment

    • Auto Salary Process• Arrear Calculation

    • Pay Slip Generation

    • Pay Slip Mail Facility

    • Pay Bill Generation

    • Monthly Earning Deduction Details

    • Salary Bank Statement

    • Staff Quarters

    • Dynamic Formula Creation

    • Employee Wise Salary Structure

    • Dynamic Salary Process

    • Multi DDO/Division Support

    • Auto Salary Transfer to Accounts

    • Import/Export Facility with Excel

    • Salary Slip Mailing Feature

    • Dashboard

    • Dynamic Search on Various Parameters

    • Mobile Alerts

    • Customized MIS Reports

    MIS Reports :


    • Employee(s) list

    • Monthly salary report

    • Monthly Earning report

    • Monthly Deduction Status

    • Monthly Income Tax Status

    • Monthly Insurance Status

    • Monthly Bank Status

    • Pay Slip Generation

    • Individual Pay slip

    • Employee(s) Annual Salary Status

    • Bill forwarding

    • Form



    • Regular & Consolidate Attendance Process

    • Attendance Adjustment

    • Check-in-Check-Out Details

    • Connectivity to External Attendance Utilities/Devices

    • Dynamic Search on Various Parameters

    • External Device Connectivity

    • Customized MIS Reports

    Leave Management


    • Leave Type details

    • Leave Assignment

    • Leave Transactions

    • LTC Leave Details

    • Leave Carry Forward

    • Holiday List

    • Dynamic Search on Various Parameters

    • Leave Application

    • Leave Approval

    • Leave Encashment

    • Customized MIS Reports

    Besides the HRMS module the Organization also looking for a Self Service portal with

    features as given below:



    Employee portal should be able to allow employees to access information about the

    Organization besides having access to their personal data, transaction and services. It

    should empower our employees to collaborate and control their work and tasks. All our

    employees should be able to keep up to date with what is going on in the organization

    from daily announcements to communications among all departments with in the

    Organization. The portal should offer employees a personal space to manage their work

    and life events. The portal should provide for the following features:

    For Employee


    • Album

    • Planner for task, events and meeting management

    • Instant Messaging

    • Personal document Management with content search

    • Document Sharing

    • Mailing facility with address book, groups and attachments

    • Pay slip/Salary slip for employees

    • Employee leave details

    • Employee increment details

    • Work Flow based Leave Request and Status Details

    For Administrator


    • User and Role Management

    • Authentication and Authorization

    • Content Management System(CMS)

    • Global document management and sharing

    • Notice board management

    • Poll management for employees

    • CMS management

    • Managing user Logs

    • Online Portal Database backup facility

    Task Management


    • Adding task

    • Task Description

    • Task Progress

    • Task Assign to various employees

    • Task estimated hours

    • Task monitoring by project manager

    • Adding multiple attachments to specific task

    • Task discussion



    • Adding company wise global event

    • Event Calendar

    Messenging & Email


    • Email Inbox

    • Email outbox

    • Saving draft for further editing

    • Messenging dashboard section to communicate quickly.

    • Dashboard notification for new email/message.



    • Internal/external training facilities

    • training details for specific employee

    • Previous training reports

    • Expense calculation for conducting training by external vendor



    • Company General noticeboard

    • Adding/ modifying previous notices

    • Notice status immediate changing facilities

    HR Policy Documents


    • Policy type categories

    • Adding multiple policy documents

    • Printing/pdf archiving all policy documents.

    Recruitment Management


    • Promulgate a list of positions available within the company

    • Provide information on the position advertised by the company

    • Manage vacancies available in the company

    • Handle the vacancy process from application to acceptance or rejection

    • Set up interviews with prospective candidates

    • Compile assessment criteria for vacant positions

    • Maintain a database of all candidate application

    * Online HR system
    * Full HR Management system
    * Customizable
    * Secured
    * Cheaper 
    * User Friendly

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